Built in Los Angeles, CA

Click on the image above and...

 you'll be instantly taken in to the Google Business View virtual tour we created 
for Built in Los Angeles, CA. 

Located in the heart of USC in Los Angeles, California. A great and healthy restaurant where you can pick up a substantial yet affordable bite to eat. 

Built selected as their Google Trusted Photographers to create a Google Business View virtual tour and still images. 

We simply took less than an hour of their time and was able to document and visually showcase all the great food items you can order while visiting Built. We then do all the post production of the images and launch them on to all the Google apps. We also worked with our clients to make sure they can embed these images on to their website, and other social media marketing apps. 

If you are a business owner & are interested in having Convinced Photography create images for you & Google Business View,

please contact: Cyle + Liz Davenport
email: convincedphotography@gmail.com
telephone: (207) 450-0474


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