The Dreams continue...blame it on the summer heat

Saturday, June 21st – Hot Summer Dreams continued

Dear Friends,
So my dreams g
et stranger and stranger. Ready for the next few. I swear the heat was affecting my brain. Here we go:

Suddenly I am at a bridal store. It’s a combination of a Trudy’s (Campbell, prune yard) and a stuffy silk shop in China Town. There aren’t just bridal dresses but an old glass shelf like you find in thrift stores with old trinkets on it. Mixed and matched cake knives and servers. Mismatched his/hers wine glasses. Old glass flower center pieces that were broken. But in the middle of all of this were these really beautiful ornate goblets that I saw In Venice a few years ago. They are clear goblets that sit on a curled up dragon made from red murano glass. I fell in love with them. In fact when I saw them my eyes welled up like a little girl does when she sees a doll at FAO Schwartz or something. I found a sample of it on the web. This isn’t it though the ones in Venice were gorgeous.

The shop gal was busy attending to the other brides that were there. Each one had an appointment and each one had gone with a bunch of other women. I started to go down to where the other dresses were and started to try to pick a style I might like. Suddenly the shop girl approached me and asked me if I was ready to try on my gown.

I reacted to her in great shock. For some reason I didn’t think I was there for myself. I thought I had gone to help someone else figure out a dress. The shop girl pulls out this gorgeous dress with a beautiful lace train. She looks at me like I can’t afford it and quickly pulls it away to store back on the rack. I twiddle my fingers and realize I have a big ole rock on my hand and can afford that dress and ask the lady to pull it back. The shop girl starts to giggle and tells me that I’ve already found my dress and I have it on. I look in the mirror and I did find it. It’s a Spanish flamenco gown in soft white with embroidered flowers in it and a veil that goes down to the back of my ankles.

The dream transfers to the mall where the bridal shop is located is about to close. So we quickly run out of the building without making the purchase, but the shop girl looks at me and knows with just a glance that it’s the dress I want and to put it on hold.

The mall goes on forever and suddenly it’s the 7pm service at Vintage. People are bustling everywhere. The staff members and leadership are in a frenzy running here and there to get ready for the evening event. This night it’s a special one. There are tons more people and the staff is all dressed up. There are tons of new people and I’m showing them how to get in threw the front and the side of the building to find space to sit.

Kristin was doing the starting prayer and Josh was in the back with a brown country suit on and his guitar around his neck. He was all warmed up and ready to lead us into an amazing worship time. People were still flocking into church. Many were late because they couldn’t find a parking spot. And the prayer closet had been converted to a glass walled room so there would be more room to sit on the floor space but the glass could help everyone see what’s going on. I grab my best friend Becky from child hood and we quickly sit down Indian style in this glassed room. Josh turns around and looks at his band and he says a few quick words and begins to count them off 1 2 3 1 2 3 and lalalllalalalall the music just bangs out. Hits my heart and changes the way my lungs breathe. My head swims a bit and instantly tears come to my eyes. We’ve gathered together once more to honor Him. To sing to Him a love song that He so often times sings over us. To take a few moments of our busy week to relinquish ourselves to Him. To sing our hearts out. To bless Him.

Not sure why it felt this way in my dream, but it felt like years had gone by since I had heard Josh lead worship, and my tears were just a full expression of joy and appreciation for worship at Vintage. Not only did Josh have a band, there was also a huge crew of singers behind him. All fully part of the band. Great voices would belt out these new sounds of worship. In between Josh’s intro there would be a voice here and there that would accentuate the harmony with a hum or a string of lyrics. But it was probably a 50 piece worship crew. Including music and voices.

I remember my dream so well. It ends as I just sat down Indian style and placed my hands to my side with the palms up in the air and relinquished me to Him once again. Absorbing the sounds.


Anonymous said…
Yay you're blogging again !!
Man that's a good dream. I just dreamt randomly about Rosemary Echelson who is in this photo, a pic that helps chronicle YOUR dream. And the day after I dreamt about her (she and I were roommates just moving to SF) she added me as a friend on Facebook. I only know her from the poetry group, not all that well. Anyway. Little things like that are interesting. It's so good to read your words, Liz!

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