Maggie & Peyton visit us in Portland, Maine

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world,
and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson

Our friend, Peyton, sees a lighthouse for the 1st time. We didn't jump the fence, nope, not at all.

Maggie chats with Peyton before the exploration of the lighthouse begins.

The photographers start warming up.

Capturing the moment with her cameras.

Jumping fences & practicing with the drone.

Peyton & Maggie practicing the visual controls.

Experiencing The Atlantic.



Prepping for & the ending of a whale watch cruise.

My fave photo of Peyton. 
You can't take a bad photo while having delicious ice cream.

About to photograph a pretty cool lighthouse.

Peyton exploring, and photographing.

Maggie hates taking pictures, but Cyle got one of us anyway.
Yes! with Peyton too!

Introducing the next generation of photographers.

I met Maggie on a non-profit medical ship in West Africa.
Her honesty, wit, and laughter were noticeable instantly. She is a no b.s. friend.
The world needs more people like her.
She cares deeply about what's important, and doesn't give a crap about the petty.
She is awesome. So glad for a fun weekend to catch up! 

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