Embed your Google virtual tour on Facebook

This guide will help you to embed your Google virtual tour on your facebook page. 

Start by navigating to this facebook app. Click on "Add Static HTML to a Page." Next click on the dropdown box and select the page on which you'd like to put your Google virtual tour and click "Add Page Tab." The button will take you to your page where you can customize the tab. Click on "Set up tab."

Now you will need to navigate to your Google virtual tour. You will need to access the tour from Google Maps, not by clicking the 'See Inside' photo from a Google search. Before you go on with any of these steps, you have to toggle the virtual tour to specific view you want. Each different angled view or zoom level has a unique embed code, so you embed different starting points of your tour on different parts of your website. For instance, the pictured tour is a furniture store. If the website for that business had separate pages for bedroom, living room, kitchen, they could embed separate virtual tours that start in those locations. 

Once you have the virtual tour pointed where you want it, click the three small vertical dots next to the name of the business. (see below)

A small menu will appear. Click on 'Share or embed image.' (see below)

A new window will appear. Click on the 'Embed Image' tab. Now you will have the option to select the size of your embedded virtual tour. I recommend setting a custom size of 800x500 (width x height.) Once you selected your size option, highlight and copy the entire code in the box. (see below)

Now you have your embed code copied. Go back to the window that popped up when you clicked on the set up tab button. Paste your embed code in the box that contains text (erase the text). Next click on the Actions dropdown and select "Edit name and image." You will have to login with facebook. Pick a name that will entice people to click on the tab and view your tour. When you're all finished, click on "Save & Publish" and close the window. 

From your facebook control panel, you can move the new tab you just created to a prominent view. Your tour is now public and ready for anyone to view. Congrats!

We understand that business owners have a lot on their plates. If you'd like Convinced Photography to help you with any of this, we are a phone call or email away.

please contact: Cyle + Liz Davenport

email: convincedphotography@gmail.com
West Coast: 408.440.9758
East Coast: 207.450.0474
However, we'll come to you anywhere in the world!
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