Wells Beach, Maine - The Atlantic Summer Ocean

This was my first view from the last step on to the beach. The sand is packed firmly. You can't sink your feet into this sand, and I liked it. You could walk for miles along the coast, play a game, dig for sea life, play in the tide pools, climb rocks. It's no wonder why people from all over the world visit this beach. 

The water was ice but the sun was warm. A perfect beach day. 
Each group doing their own thing, soaking up as much sun a possible. 

The brave ones entered the water to swim. I managed to get ankle deep. 
If I had more time & a bathing suit, I'm sure I would have acclimated.

This adorable beach baby was playing between the tide pools. 
She had the most adorable baby French voice and was so excited about everything she could see. 

Well Beach. A gorgeous vacation destination. This will not be the last time I visit her. 

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