Google Business Photos draw potential customers in...

Earlier this month we created a fantastic Google Street View for business for our wonderful clients in Lewiston, Maine. Drew's Dental is a great dental office that has a fun easy going staff that will make you feel right at home. 

Our clients are wonderful and we are so happy to see the success they are gaining from the photography we created for them. Such great news! Congratulations Drew's Dental. 

If you are a local business owner and are wondering whether or not you should invest time and effort on your Google presence, these statistics may just convince you to do so. In just 20 days over 500 people looked at this image when searching for a dental office in Maine. Isn't that pretty incredible. 

Wouldn't all business like 500 new views?

If you are a business owner & are interested in having Convinced Photography create images for you & Google Street View | Trusted (Google My Business),

please contact: Cyle + Liz Davenport
West Coast: 408.440.9758
East Coast: 207.450.0474
However, we'll come to you anywhere in the world!


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