Rusty rain gutter

Dear Child, 

     You think you understand my love. But I wonder: Do you know just how much I love to be with you? Do you know just how much I love to be with you? Do you know how much I miss you when you're gone? You can turn your back on me and walk away; I'll wait for you. You can move to a foreign country; I'll watch the road for your return. You can ignore my wishes and wander from my ways. You can make the wrong choices and listen to the wrong voices and waste every treasure I've placed in your hands. Still my ear will listen for your knock on the door. 

     Is it you? I will wonder, and my heart will leap. Is it my child at last? And on that day when I see you from a long way off, weary and broken and headed for home, I will rush out to meet you. I'll cover your shame with a cloak of righteousness. I'll cook a meal and call my friends and plan a celebration. And as I look into your face, which is so dear to me, Tears will fill my eyes and I will say, "My child was lost, but now is found! My child was dead, but now is alive again!"

With open arms! 
Luke 15:20-24
by Claire Cloninger


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