Curvy Girl in San Jose, CA

The last couple of months have been really incredible ones. I have met some really incredible business owners. One in particular is +Chrystal Bougon  over at Curvy Girl. Every curvy girl has thought at least once in her life to open up a boutique that's dedicated to curvy women. Mostly, because we are all tired of the same old boring stuff the few curvy girl retail stores have to offer. Although, I must say that in the last decade the retail world for curvy girls has improved greatly. But Curvy Girl on Meridian Ave. takes it to a whole new level. They have gorgeous sexy options for the Curvy Girl. 

I know a lot of the Curvy Girl fans don't live in the San Jose, California area, but this is a way to check out the store and see some of the merchandise they carry. They have something for everyone.

Black, pink, dots, lace, purple, and a whole lot more. 

Options! Colors! Sizes! 

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