West African medical needs

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I just watched an episode of Dr. Oz. In the episode he gave away a free blood pressure monitor to everyone in the audience. Immediately, after the announcement, the audience unanimously cheered and applauded. 

instantly, I thought of the blood pressure monitor we have in the bottom of our hall closet. It's used so rarely, that we often have to change the batteries between each us.

Then I was reminded of the few visits I made over at OLA-During. Where the 'lucky' patients (could afford to go to the hospital) were found to have something treatable and have a chance to life.

I didn't see one automatic pressure cuff on the entire floor. What I did see, was a congregation of nurses sharing one manual pressure cuff.

So everyone who attended the Dr. Oz show have the privledge of taking the automatic pressure cuff and storing it in a closet. And hospitals like OLA-During in Sierra Leone still have to share archaic medical equipment.

Perhaps Dr. Oz or the manufacturer could have given the option to have the pressure cuffs donated to those that could truly use them.


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