my commissioning

Nikon S, originally uploaded by patrickjoust.
My launch to Sierra Leone... eleven months ago!

The minister continues:

The call of Christ
Is to willing, dedicated discipleship.
Our discipleship is a manifestation
Of the new life we enter through baptism.
Discipleship is both a gift and a commitment,
An offering and a responsibility.

Liz Cantu
The grace bestowed on you in baptism
Is sufficient for your calling
Because it’s God’s grace.
By God’s grace we are saved,
And enabled to grow in the faith
And to commit our lives in ways that serve Christ.

God has called up to particular service.
Show your purpose by answering these questions.

Who is your Lord in Savior?

Me: Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior

Will you be Christ’s faithful disciple,
Obeying his Word and showing his love?

Me: I will with God’s help.

Do you welcome the responsibility of this service
Because you are determined to follow the Lord Jesus,
To love neighbors,
And to work for the reconciling of the world?

Me: I do.

Will you serve the people,
With energy, intelligence, imagination, and love,
Relying on God’s mercy
And rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit?

Me: I will, with God’s help.


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