2011 mark (check). set (not yet). Go (almost).

My last day at Westminster was bitter sweet indeed. It was an unusually quiet Friday in the office and I took my time getting all of the last details completed before I left. Around 11am I turned in my keys to Rev. Jack and finished up the bulletins and walked out of my beautiful office. I’ve been spoiled at Westminster.

packing 7 copy, originally uploaded by Photo2217.

I wish I could say that my last few days in California were stress free and that I got to party away my last couple of days (I did a little) but it was truly a whirl wind of last minute everythings. In the midst of seeing friends and family members I had to downsize my living space to about 1/8 of what/where I was currently living. Thanks to the help of good friends and my sister Rita, I was able to get it all done in time. Phew.
Packing isn’t easy and somewhat stressful for me. It always has been. I watched that George Clooney movie where he lives in airports and they have the brief segment where he neatly packs and even has room for his lap top in his overnight bag. That’s how I do it too! Yep, every time. You know me! Yeah right! Not! I pack like a gypsy. I put the tea kettle in my case. Why? Because you never know when you’ll want tea, right? Earl grey and Mint are essential!

My dad teases me every time I pack. He reminds me of when I was twelve and we had gone to Texas for a two week vacation. I packed four suitcases and one suitcase held my fourteen pairs of shoes. The (logical) reason? I just didn’t know what I would want to wear and I wanted a variety!
The luxury to have a variety is quite expensive and heavy now a days. When airports charge you to breathe oxygen on the plane, and earphones are free but a movie is $6, and pretzels are available only on request, no logical reasoning could ever permit fourteen pairs of shoes for a two week holiday anymore.
So now instead of fourteen shoes for fourteen days, it’s five pairs for a lifetime! Not bad eh? Oh wait, six counting my Chinese slippers to match my Japanese kimono. I told you, I packed like a gypsy. Every gal needs a kimono, especially in Texas and of course in Sierra Leone.


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