French Quarter at night, originally uploaded by Photo2217.

The packing is almost complete. The clothes have been rolled and safely tucked into my suitcase. My extra bag has 3 months worth of anything I think I may need. There is a pile on the floor of my photo gear. I have a few extras to pack too, but I will wait for the day of my departure.

I have been taking about Togo and Mercy Ships for so long, that I am so excited that it is actually happening. In just a few days I will be on a plane for Africa via Paris, and Lord willing by this time next week I will be in Africa. Togo. I will reside in Togo for the next three months. Wow.

My hope was to have finished packing before the game, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I started to pack at 11:30pm and finished at 1am. That’s not bad! Well technically, I’m not finished yet. But I will be a bit more done tomorrow, and totally finished by noon on Tuesday.

Tuesday I’ll be off to SFO!

The Saints won tonight. It was their first time in the Superbowl, and they
won! Yahoo. I kept thinking New Orleans could use some good news this year. They have gone through a lot, and triumphed in so many ways throughout these last few years. The superbowl trophy is just the cherry on top. I haven’t had the opportunity to make New Orleans my home town yet, but I am looking forward to that day. I can brag that I saw the Saints defeat the Colts in 2010. Yeah baby! Who Dat!

As I was packing I decided to watch Titanic (only thing on TV). I love Kate’s costumes in this movie. But began to wonder…I’m about to live on a ship…is this a sign? Ugh, Lord, I hope not!


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