My Day on the Ship

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Last night I got my first tour of the entire ship. It’s beautiful. The ship is massive. Well it’s the most massive ship I have ever been on. There are 8 decks and each one of them is a maze to go through. But I’m figuring it all out shortly. I know that the red painted stairs lead to something and the blue painted stairs lead to something else too. What exactly they all lead to I am not sure. I know that we can buy phone cards to call home because we cannot downstream any video or voice chat online, but I don’t yet know when the doors are open to buy the phone cards. I also need to buy laundry detergent. Yesterday, I went through three changes of clothes. I also found out that I’m violating dress code and can’t wear tank tops. So that narrows down my tops to a 1/3 of what I brought. Fun! Girls, don’t bring tank tops to wear while on duty or off the ship! The humidity soaks you through in seconds. The food is reasonably good. The starbucks is tasty. The people are so friendly and warm. Haven’t met a person I did not like yet. I’m adjusted to my top bunk. What I can’t seem to get use to is the rocking of the ship. I’m ok if I am sleeping, talking, eating, but when I begin to read a book or type on the computer, the wooziness begins. Keep praying that my motion sickness symptoms will completely cease. It’s a miracle I have been on the boat and not really experienced the normal sea sickness issues I do get. Praise God for that answer to prayer. I went out on the decks last night with my first official tour. The moon was in a crescent and the air was sweet and warm. So enjoyable. We lingered up there for a bit and then continued the rest of the tour. I keep forgetting the times of my appointments. We have had several orientation meetings, meet and greets, and safety trainings. But I’m always forgetting what time they start or what day they are on. Ugh! That’s not my norm, and I am trying to break the habit. I talked to a few of the gals and they said it took them about a solid two weeks to feel at home. So far. So good.


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Praying for you

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