Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris, originally uploaded by Photo2217.

Friday morning in Paris

I slept in today. But I may be over my jet lag. Flying at night towards Europe is a good way to nip it in the bud. I woke up naturally at 7am yesterday (my usual wake up time), and then took a nap at 5 (my usual nap time), but I overslept. I didn’t wake up until 10pm, and stayed awake until 3am. Staying up until 3am is a normal routine for me too.

Currently it’s 9am my time, and and I am routing my map from the Notre Dame (closest big landmark by my hotel) to the Sacre Coure Cathedral.

But I would like to tell you of my adventures yesterday.

The scrumptious complimentary breakfast at my hotel was a treat. The coffee was so delicious that I had two cups. I never drink coffee in the morning, but the aroma was so inviting. Deux café au lait for me! A warmed croissant and scrambled eggs to compliment too. The eggs are so delicious here. I don’t know how the eggs could taste so different but they’re really flavorful. The croissant is nice and flakey and yummy in the middle. I can’t explain it, and I always thought it was hype but the food in France truly is delicious.

Stamp me as a tourist. It’s ok. I love it. I love even looking like a tourist. It’s fun. I’m an American in Paris and it’s truly wonderful. It’s the only city I would walk for miles in the snow and still manage to keep a touristy smile. The average day temp is around 27 degrees farenheit.

It’s ok to be a tourist and begin to appreciate what we take for granted in our own town. I look forward to out of town guests coming because it gives me an excuse to drive down Lombard Street. But the truth is, I like to go down Lombard Street, but I use the out of towner as an excuse to do it. I should visit it more often, and appreciate the views from wherever I am.

That the sites one tours are really remarkable, and the locals do not appreciate it sufficiently. Because the Eiffel Tower is a must see, even if it is snowing. Taking a taxi boat up the Seine River is spectacular. The Palais de Arts and a city that dedicates a bridge to the arts is a city that needs to be seen. Pont des Arts is a gorgeous modern bridge to explore and view the Louvre on one end and the Palais on the opposite.

And our lady the Notre Dame is a spectacular site to take in. The Holy Spirit was so present in this place. I was moved to tears. A beautiful French woman approached me and explained the sculptures along the side of the church. She took step by step moments to rehearse her English to make sure she was telling me the story of Christ accurately. The panels on the right side of the church are carved to tell the story of the times when Christ re-appears after his resurrection. When she shared the story, she was so animated, that it brought me to tears. She turns to me and says “you know Christ yes?” I just shook my head up and down like a daft horse, because I couldn’t get the words out. She explained it specifically to state that God loved each of us so much that the Christ appeared to all of us specifically. He appeard to Mary as a friend, to doubting Thomas to permit him to touch His piercings, in the upper room symbolic as a tongue of fire, as the Living Word to the synagogue, as the holy eucharist, etc. He was strategic, contemplative, direct, and filled with compassion in each of these instances. Each time remindind us not to be woeful or fearful. For it is He the Lord. My tour guide did exactly the same. I’ll always remember her.


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