Smack Dab in the Middle

I found myself helping our church community last night. We held our seasonal ministry fair. This time we set up all of the tables on the stage behind Dan & Josh. They both presented one of the best stirring messages around. Honestly, they both made me cry. Kristin had asked me to take care of the Coffee House Events table, and I kindly agreed to do it. After all that is the ministry that I direct. However, standing next to my table was the global missions table. There wasn’t anyone standing next to it, and there were over half a dozen individuals that were standing next to it, and they all walked away. My heart just broke. Finally one of the people came back and asked if I knew anything about this ministry. I said, I know a bit about it, and that I was on staff at the church and could generally answer any of his questions. He began to tell me his life story and what he’s been up to, and how he’d like to get involved globally on a street grass root level. So we just talked and talked. It was a great conversation. I also introduced him to JoAnn and Jon our RENDER leaders, and thought he would be a good match to help them out too.
After the tables lost their popularity. People went in to hear Jon Sontag in the coffee house. We slowly started to clean up the tables. And JoAnn in all of her beauty started to converse with me. And she simply made a comment
“Look Liz, you’re in your spot again. Right in the middle. That spot was made for you!”
I looked around to see what she was pointing too. And then I laughed. To my right was a table simply marked COFFEE HOUSE EVENTS and to my left was a table with a world map on it and a sign GLOBAL MISSIONS. She was so right. That spot was made for me. I was in the middle of both of my homes. Right in the middle once again.
It was a physical point out to what so many people in my life are pointing out to me. TM, JF, JA, and so many others! And I found myself last night standing between the two most important things to me.


The Contessa said…
Joann's good that way, isn't she? She makes the most wonderful, relevant observations. I love that about her. Actually, there's a lot that I love about Joann.
Anonymous said…
oh the loveliness you bring smack dab in the middle of things... ;)

-i found myself explaining you the other day to a stranger; you and your little voice and words and ways that i am sure i didn't do justice to but i think they got that you were a woman with quite a Spirit about her-

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