Leonardo Nightmare

I tried to go to bed at 1am but didn't fall asleep until 2 something. Was praying all night long. And had terrible nightmares. About the DaVinci code and history, etc.

Our church is doing a series in response to the DaVinci code. And I'm doing an art installation based on it. In the installation I'm using split up images of the DaVinci last supper.

So in my dream I dreamt an evil DaVinci yelling at me. He was telling me where do I get the nerve to split up his piece of art. That I don't even have enough soul to touch it. His eye were red and his beard was super scratchy. And that the entire illuminati was after me because I knew the real secret. Which I knew in my dream. Leonardo had a visitation from God and was spoken to divine secrets. But not the ones that we know today. His secrets were some of the inventions he drew. He saw them in a vision while talking to God.

Strangest thing ever. I dreamt that I was in Venice the whole time. But it kept bouncing back between Leonardo's time and when I was there a few years ago. And that the Illuminati recognized me as a prophet and knew that Leonardo would visit me in a dream. Strange no?

I could have made a sequel. Lots of action sequences.

NIght before I dreamt that I was driving in India and that I had to watch out for the dozen or so elephants on the road.

Could this all be the left over camp food in my system?


Shannon Marie said…
I don't know if its the food or the "camp crackhead" mentality that eminates from conifers and the like. The woods are a strange place. Last night myself, Daniel and Rob were trying to rescue Dan and Rob (from church) from a sinking boat, but when I kept yelling their names all four just stared at me like "Which ONE ?!". Strange. No scratchy beards, though.

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