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Pray for Salone

Today we hear of the tragic events taking place in Freetown:
News about Sierra Leone

We lived in Freetown a few moons ago and our hearts sank when we heard the news today. The storms have lead to huge landslides. Lives have been lost. Homes have been destroyed.

Salone has already gone through so much in the last few years. The people of Sierra Leone are full of hope and strength. I know they will overcome this tragedy and be all the stronger for it.

But our hearts are stirred. The city has lost so much and we mourn with those that mourn. We hope with those that hope. We pray, love, and send our compassion this very night.

We stand by and wait to hear from our local friends to find out how, where, and who we can help! We will let you know the moment we hear anything. In the meantime....


more photos... Sierra Leone 2011

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