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Midnight in Portland, Maine I

Portland, Maine  2016
RIP Chris Cornell Sunshower  by Chris Cornell Dark as roses
Fine as sand
Fell your healing
And your sting again
hear you laughing
And my soul is saved
On forgotten graves you cry Crawl like ivy
Up my spine
Through my nerves
And into my eyes
Cuts like anguish
Or recollections
Of better days gone by But it's all right
When you're caught in pain
And you feel the rain come down
It's all right
When you find you way
Then you see it disappear
It's all right
Though your garden's gray
I know all your graces
Someday will flower
In a sweet sunshower Eyes like oceans
So far away
A feather trail
To a better way
Worried mornings turn
Into days
Then into worried nights
But it's all right
All you'll be you are today

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