Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Convinced Photography announcement!

Liz has been a photographer for 22 years, and she has had the opportunity to live in lots of great places, but she always calls the San Francisco Bay area home. Her clients have always been so good to her & she has maintained an ongoing relationship with so many.

In 2010 Liz moved to West Africa to work on a hospital ship and photograph the lives of our vulnerable patients and the amazing transformations they experienced. On a personal note, she met her husband who was also working on the ship.

In November of 2011, she got a call from Google to be part of their Google Trusted photographer program and has been working with them ever since. She was one of the original eight hired and now is officially the top selling photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves working with Google & has had a great time meeting so many local business owners. San Francisco Bay Area business owners rock.

In 2011, Cyle Davenport became a part of Convinced Photography. His photographic experience & computer software knowledge has been key to the growth of Convinced Photography. He has a natural understanding of panoramic photography. Although, a biochemist by trade, he's able to make marketable photography a profitable trade. If visual technology says it can't be done yet, Cyle is the type of person to make it  happen.

We are looking forward to all that 2014 brings, including a second office that recently opened in New Hampshire. Cyle will be overseeing all of the Google representation for the east coast office and can be contacted directly for your photographic needs. Liz will remain the representative for the San Francisco Bay Area and you can communicate with her directly too.

Contact information:
Cyle Davenport: 207.450.0474
Liz Cantu Davenport: 408.440.9758

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Let Your Visitors Experience Your Business Like Never Before...Google Business View

Recently, Convinced Photography announced that we have partnered with the most amazing software team. We can now do so much more with Google Business View. It answers all the questions that we have wondered about for so long. It also creates the virtual tour that is much more informative and interactive all at the same time. Please take a look at some of the samples we have provided. We can definitely create something unique like this for you too. 

Not only do visitors discover your place of business. Now you can learn what they are looking for! Using TourDash Analytics gives you insight in the behavior of your visitors. Which places do they go to? What items do they view? Which products appeal to them? How many visitors see your tour?
SILVER: $300 (one time - yearly) 

With Google Maps Business View you can invite everyone into your business as if they where there! And with Convinced Photography & TourDash you can do even more. Let your visitors experience your business like never before. Show them your most interesting places and offer them all the information they want to know.
GOLD:$450 (one time - yearly)

Combining Google Maps Business View with Convinced Photography & TourDash gives you the best business experience. Seeing is believing. Bring your business to life and show off your specialties. Your most valuable places become easily accessible for the public. Entice them to visit the real thing!
PLATINUM: $600 (one time - yearly)


Use Convinced Photography & TourDash to turn visitors into customers! With Convinced Photography & TourDash you can combine the business side of your site with the fun and easy use of a Google Photo tour. In time you’ll notice both your online and offline business results increase through the use of this added product.


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Cyle Davenport, Google Business View, & The Martingale Wharf in Portsmouth, NH

Cyle is our local Google Trusted Photographer in the Porstmouth, NH area. He assists our clients to engage customers with Business View technology. You too can enhance your presence across Google with a premium-quality, 360º virtual tour.It’s simple, fast and affordable.

Cyle recently had the opportunity to create the Google Business View virtual tour and Point of Interest still images for a delicious restaurant right on the water called +Martingale Wharf. It was the first full week that the restaurant opened for lunch and the heavenly aromas coming from the kitchen were incredible. They have one of the most scenic views in all of Portsmouth. 
"I love being able to photograph these locations and then share them with the world." - Cyle

  • It's an opportunity to showcase your business to customers around the corner and around the world. 
  • Our street view technology will bring your business to life with a high quality 360 interactive tour. 
  • The virtual tour will be visible on Google search results, your Google+ page, Google+local, and Google Maps
  • Give your customers a better sense of the layout, decor, and ambiance of your business
  • Easily embed on your own business website and link to share on social networks.

1. Contact Cyle:
2. Schedule your photo shoot at a time convenient for you.
3. Relax. After your photo shoot, the photographer takes care of the rest.

Now do even more with Google Business View...

I recall many of you asking us for added bonuses to your virtual tour beyond just embedding them in to your own website. The first question to always come up during a photo shoot was,
"What else can I do with my Google Business View virtual tour now?"
Well, we have developed an incredible solution. 

Check out this new tool which allows you to add enhancements to your Google Business View virtual tour. By combining this software with Google Maps Business View you can interact even further with your viewers by providing targeted information about what they are seeing and encouraging them to explore, shop, make reservations, and even more. 

This is a unique application that integrates with your virtual tour on Google.

  • Online showcase for your products and services
  • Easy advanced navigation menu
  • New enhancements for your business website
  • Higher value experience for the online visitor through richer content
  • Send key messages to your customers in a wide variety of content (text, photo, music or video, etc.)
  • Analytics: Information about viewing habits of your visitors
  • Easy, economical, and intuitive enhancement for your e-commerce platform
  • Small investment in time and money to improve online communication
  • Simple to add to Facebook and other social media networks

Contact Us for more information.
West Coast:

East Coast:
The Counter in San Mateo, CA

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Restaurant Week in Portsmouth...Are you Google Business View Ready?

Point of Interest - Carrot Cake anyone?

Restaurant Week? Awesome! 

People are using Google now more than ever to find where they would like to eat. 

Are you on Google?
If so, do you have the new 360º Business View virtual tour feature of your restaurant on Google yet? 

As a new resident to Portsmouth, Convinced Photography would like to celebrate by offering you a discounted Google Maps Business View photography package. 

Schedule an appointment with us soon, so you can have an increased online presence before Restaurant Week and the tourism season. 

Just email Cyle at or call 207.450.0474.

Point of Interest - Roasted GarlicPoint of Interest - Plated DishesPoint of Interest - Plated French Fries & Sweet Potato Fries

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Franciscan in San Francisco, CA

It's been a really good year for Convinced Photography & Google Business View. We have been so fortunate to work with some really cool people and in some fantastic spots. The Franciscan is a land mark in San Francisco. They have one of the best views of the San Francisco Bay Area. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge & Alcatraz from your dining table. 

Take a look at the plated dishes. It's one of my favorite still photos to create. I wish I could display all of the images we created for them, but there would be to many to list. 

See what I mean? I love my job!

We can create a very similar package for you too. Feel free to email us and we'd be glad to meet with you. 
West Coast: Lizzy -
East Coast: Cyle -

Monday, March 17, 2014

Convinced Photography (west coast) is now on YELP!

Black sparrow at Pierdas Blancas State Beach in San Simeon, Californa
photo by Liz Cantu Davenport
Convinced Photography is now officially a part of the YELP! world. Well at least the west coast office is up on YELP. 

Take a look and 
please feel free to leave a review if you desire. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dead Fish in Crockett, CA

I didn't know such a restaurant existed until my client called one day. We scheduled this photo shoot just before the lunch hour. The Google Business View is an interpretation of the beauty of this location but you'll have to see it for yourself. I loved the view, the food, the laughter. Everyone that came to have lunch was having a good time and it was contagious. Go check them out! Tell them Lizzy the photog, sent you! 

If you are part of a restaurant and are interested in having us come by and create a similar package on Google Business View for you, please do not to hesitate to contact us. 

West Coast: Lizzy 

East Coast: Cyle

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Osso Steakhouse in San Francisco, CA

I fell in love with this restaurant the moment I walked in. This is a classic steak house beaming with elegance. It is located right across from Grace Cathedral in Nob Hill. I loved every square inch of this location and I just couldn't stop photographing them. The food is delicious. The bar has unique options you can't find anywhere else in the city. 

Take a look at their Google Business View virtual tour and stills. Keep in mind, we can create something similar for your place of business too. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet Cyle! The best Google Trusted Photographer in New England!

Dear Friends of The Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce & all local business owners, please meet Cyle of Convinced Photography

He is new to the Portsmouth area, and is a Trusted Google Photographer. He can create beautiful virtual tours of your local business and place them on their Google Business Photos. 

Take a look at our page to see the history of great photos we've been able to produce, beautiful images like this:

Feel free to contact Cyle to book your Google Business Photos today:
or find him here: +Cyle Davenport